Slime Soccer : World Cup

Get ready for Slime Soccer : World Cup. This is where bragging rights are truely earned. This game has two features. A versus mode and a World Cup mode. The versus mode allows for two players to face off against one another in an epic slime soccer battle. You can choose game lengths of 1 minute, 2 minutes, 4 minutes, and 8 minutes. The player on the left will use the arrow keys to navigate and the player on the right will use W, A, S, D to navigate. The goal is to score more than your opponent. Careful not to hug your net too long or the opponent will get a free point. There is no stoppage time in this soccer game so every second counts. World Cup mode is for playing against the computer. You'll play on the right side and the computer will play on the right. There are 3 rounds before the world cup championship. And the championship itself is 5 minutes long! The first round is only 1 minute and the next 2 rounds are 2 minutes. The computer gets harder as you progress through the World Cup of Slime Soccer.

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