Kitten Cannon

You ever just want to punt an annoying kitten down the street for what ever reason? Well this is Kitten Cannon. In this game you get to load a poor kitty into a cannon and send it flying! Take out your frustration on any cat that has wronged you in the past by shooting the kitten as far as you can. You can use the arrow keys to change the angle of projection and the space bar to fire. The cannon will have a bar of power displayed and it's best to fire (press space bar) when the power bar is at its fullest. After you fire the kitten just sit back and watch. There are a number of various obsticles ranging from explosives to trampolines that will send the poor kitty further. But there are also venus fly traps and road spikes that will slow the kitty down or even put an end to his painful path of death. If thats the case, just load up another kitten and send him flying! This game is all about luck really, since the level is generated randomly with obsticles. My high score is 1444! See if you can beat it.

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