Helicopter Game

Get to da chopper! Well actually, you're in one. And it's pronouced Helicopter. This game is known as the Helicopter Game. For some odd reason unknown to man-kind, a helicopter gets stuck in a never ending cave. And since this is your lucky day, you get to fly it! To operate the helicopter just left click and you will ascend and release the mouse to descend. Ascend too far, and you'll fly up into the green rocky-like material and if you descend too far, you'll crash-land you're poor helicopter into to ground, which is also a green rocky-like substance. Oh and to make matters worse, the tops and bottems of the cave get skinny at some points so keep that in mind. And theres just one more thing, theres random green walls floating in the air ready to take out your little helicopter, so fly around them. So basically, don't touch anything.. ever, or you'll have to start over. This is soley a high score game, I think. There could be an ending to this cave, but no one has ever reached it. You could be the first! Good luck flying this helicopter.

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