Curveball Game

Play ping-pong, table tennis, or pong. Actually, it is called, Curveball Game. In this game you face-off against a computer that gets increasingly difficult as you progress. You start with four health, and lose one health each time you let the ball go by you. Each computer oppenent has two health and starts off relativley easy. As you progress in levels, the computer gets much better at returning serves, hitting the ball harder, and faking you out. There are a total of ten levels and I personally have a hard enough time just getting by level six. In order to play you use the mouse to deflect the ball back to your opponent. You can create curve with the ball by moving the mouse in any direction as contact is made with the ball. This will make it harder for the computer to return the ball, but the computer can do this to you as well. Curveball Game offers 10 levels where 1 is very easy, 5 is moderate and 10 is expert level. along with everything else inbetween the respective difficulties. If you lose just refresh the page and start the game again.

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