Bubble Trouble

You're in trouble, Bubble Trouble that is! Sorry I'm not a comedian, but I do have a great game for you to play! Bubble Trouble is a survival game where time and bubbles are your enemies. Use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to fire at the bubbles. Be careful though, one hit kills you. So even if a bubble is at its smallest, it can kill you if it hits you. (which makes a lot of sense, I hear bubbles now a days are extremely violent). As the bubbles get popped, smaller ones will take their place, until the bubble gets so small, that it disapears. Occasionally, a popped bubble will drop something. This could be power ups, an invincible shield, time stoppage, extra time, or extra points. Use these upgrades to help benefit your conquest of Bubble Trouble. Enter your name into to start playing and achieve a high score! I personally have only gotten past level 7 so best of luck to you, because this game is hard.

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